Feedback on Flow Variable exercise 2

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In this exercise, steps 5-6 of the solution say;

"Start a new workflow branch with the Integer Configuration node. Write, for example, “amount” as the name of the flow variable, and 6 as its default value. "

Where do we put ‘amount’ - as the Label or Parameter/Variable Name? Neither seem to work. On the Flow Variables tab in the entry box after FlowVariableName? Or somewhere else? I’ve set all of them to ‘amount’, assuming this should cover all the bases.

Next in 5-6;
" In the configuration dialog of the Row Filter node, open the Flow Variables tab, navigate to the “lowerBound” item, expand it, and select the “amount” flow variable in the menu next to the “IntCell” item."

However, when I open the Row Filter Flow Variables tab, this is what I see;



It is difficult to understand how flow variables behave and how to decipher the way to make them work.

Hi William,

Thank you for the feedback. I’m sorry you found our old course pages. We’ll remove them soon.

Our self-paced courses have been updated and moved to a new platform, and you can find them on the KNIME Self-paced courses page. If you have any questions to the exercises there, you can ask your questions directly on the platform.

Answers to your questions about the old exercises:

  • “Amount” is the parameter/variable name.
  • If you don’t see the flow variables in the Flow Variables tab, try typing in any number in the lower bound and upper bound fields. This should activate the flow variable fields in the Flow Variables tab.


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Ok, since this has to do with instructional material that has since been replaced, I’ll remove my comment, as it is now OBE

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