Hi i Have to download data from the web and converte in document...so I create a table where in the 1 column I have the Http, after I put a node Httpretriever and then Feed Parser...but it go wrong...because entity raquo it isn't dichiarate, bu I don't use this entity...Why it do this error? and it also tell the line number and column number about the wrong but where I have to search this? In qwhich node? Becauese i have only a initial table with 20 links webh, thanks for your help!!


Sounds like an unparseable (ill-formed) XML feed. What data source are you processing?

PS: Please post Palladian-specific questions into the appropriate subforum. This will get you a faster response in general.

Oh sorry thanks for the advise...I'm processing a column about http from the web...

Can you please post an example URL or the workflow you're running?