Fetch information from an Instagram page

I want to fetch information from a public page on Instagram, the things I want are as follows.
1- List of followers
2- List of followers
3- Uploaded photos and videos
4- Registered comments along with the ID of the registrant
5- Those who have liked a post
Thank you for guiding and helping me as always !!!

Hi @alex1368 , are you planning to retrieve these info via an API?

And what’s the difference between #1 and #2 ?

Hi @ bruno29a
No, I do not want to use a specific api, at best I want to use it in the discussion of dashboard making, but for now I just want to save it in an Excel file and use this
Option 1 was a follower and option 2 was a following that I taped wrong!

If instagram provides an api (I assume they do) then you should use it (as @bruno29a mentioned). Other scraping methods would most certainly way more tedious.


Can you help me more?

As far as I can see there are 2 APIs available (basic display API and Graph API) You can find both easily on the web. I suggest you have a look at the documentation. You can then use the KNIME GET request node to use the api with your personal key you get when you sign up for the API


Hello Daniel_Weikert
Can you design for me for a while and upload here؟

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