Field search in every node

Hi folks,
i would like to have a handy search bar in almost every node where you have to search for a specific field, instead to scroll a infinite list…


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Hi Luca,

thanks for the feedback and suggestion.
Most nodes expecting many columns already have search/filter options in their node dialogue, see e.g. GroupBy, column filter.

We do continuously improve our nodes, so I am happy to forward your feedback. Are there any nodes in particular, where you often expect long lists to have to scroll through?

If you are having to select the same column over and over, you can also use flow variables, so that you only have to set the name once. (Flow variables are taught in our advanced self-paced courses. Incase you are unfamiliar with them, here are direct links to some resources: or as video: ).

Best regards

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Hi @marvin.kickuth,
here a list of most used nodes where i feel the need of a search text:

  • Row filter
  • Row splitter
  • String manipulation
  • Math formula
  • many others…

In general whenever we have a choice like this:
we should be able to search and filter the column names in a similar way like the group node for example.

Another useful feature should be to add an alphabetical sort.



Hello @Luca_Italy,

there is already an open ticket (Internal reference: AP-15121) for it and I have noted your request there.