"File access problems": Cannot save workflow

Hello, My hard disk was getting low on space during running a workflow. I then went to delete all accessible files from the Users/AppData/Local/Temp folder while the workflow was still running. Now the result is that I am unable to save the workflow and receive the following message:

File access problems:
C:\Users…\AppData\Local\Temp\knime…\knime_container…8.bin.snappy (The system cannot find the path specified)

Have I permanently lost my most recent changes to the worklow?

Hi @pzkor,
If you are fine with losing the intermediate results from your workflow, I think it can be saved. First you should make a copy of the workflow from your workspace directory directly. Then remove any nested folder named “port_x” (where x is any number) or “internals”. Now use the import workflow functionality to import the workflow into your workspace again.
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