File Chooser default path selection

I user File Chooser node to specify input directory for the data.

When I go to configure this node, “Default File” field allows to specify directory location.

One can copy the path, but it will be more convenient to select the folder by pressing “Browse”.
When I press Browse, I can select anything in KNIME workspace.

But input data can be somewhere else.

Would be great if one can navigate here through the whole file system of the computer, e.g. with standard file selection dialog.

Is there an option to specify node properties accordingly?


the file chooser is not meant to browse the local file system. From the node description:

Quickform node that allows choosing single or multiple files, workflows or directories from a remote mountpoint and exposing those items in a data table.

So the node is only useful when developing workflows that are meant to be run on KNIME Server or access shared resources from a server.
I’m guessing what you want to do can either be done with the List Files node if you just want to expose file paths or with any of the reader nodes to access the contents of the specified file.

Thanks for the reply. It looks like it is not a proper node.
I am aware of “List Files” and reader nodes. My idea was to put all user input nodes in one place and transfer these inputs as variables to dedicated nodes.
Example workflow is attached.
It is important because we develop pipelines for users in the facility, some of those are unexperienced. It would be just easier for them to change parameters in one place rather then going through the workflow and finding dedicated nodes.
For now I should probably juts use “String input” node to specify the path

Nuclei_pipeline_20181202.knwf (54.4 KB)

Hi @Alex_H,

The File Upload quickform is also an option here. When run locally, it will just pass the file path as flow variable (rather than actually uploading it), and it allows you to select files outside your workspace.


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