File Chooser Widget for Local Path


I’m currently creating a workflow where 3 different XLS files need to be imported.
Unfortunately the path to the files (mount point drive letter) is not the same for every user of the workflow.

Therefore it is necessary that the user specifies the excel file in three Excel Reader Nodes.
To make the workflow more convenient I’d like to create a component with widgets to select all necessary parameters (several datetime values and the excel files).

Unfortunately the File Chooser Widget only works with mount points - but not with local paths.
Is there a workaround - or a third party node that provides a widget for a “browse file” dialog and returns a file path?



Hello @turczynski,

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How about File Upload Widget node? It’s a widget that works with local paths. Alternatively you can use Local File Browser Configuration node. Also works with local paths but is a configuration node rather than a widget node so if you are building workflow for WebPortal you wanna go with first one.


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Hi @ipazin ,

thanks for the quick reply! Option 1 fits to my needs because I’m not building the WF for WebPortal but for local use. So I will realize the selection for my three different date values as well via the Configuration Node and then the complete WF is ready to be setup in a single “dialogue”.


This is an interesting problem and I have a similar challenge: I want the user to select a filepath / directory individual to his / her system - not a file directly.

I wonder if this is somehow possible?

@kowisoft you can use the File Chooser Widget to select a directory. Does that get you there?

Oh, ok, I thought this was meant to be run on remote servers.

I basically try to build a user interface for local users to make the UX a little bit easier. :wink:

There is also the Repository File Chooser Configuration for configuring a component that will be used locally.