File Chooser Widget to access local files // example please

Dear All,
I did not find a working solution for a Widget to choose files in a local file system under Windows.
Several community entries point to the “File Chooser Widget”, or to “Repository File Chooser Configuration”.
However I cannot make the work.
The “File Chooser Widget” asks for a mount ID and I do not know what to set when I want to access the local file system.
When I add the “Mountpoint Connector” I run into problem that I do not know how to “connect” the two nodes, so that the “File Chooser Widget” recognizes the settings of the “Mountpoint Connector”.

Is there a tutorial or an example showing my use case?
Any other help is appreciated as well.


Hi @Wa_Berlin

Have a look at the KNIME Hub, there are plenty of example workflows where the widget is used.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I checked the examples provided in “KNIME Explorer > EXAMPLES (”.
But I could not find any example using the “file chooser widget”.

Could anybody please help me by pointing to an working example.


Have you checked the link? All the workflows under the Related Workflows & nodes section make use of the widget.

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