File conversion of National Instruments Labview TDMS files

I was wondering if anybody had had any experience of converting National Instrument labview TDMS files for reading into Knime for data analysis.



I did some quick internet seaches, and there aren't many options but I did find a python package which along with our python integration, could do the work for you.

Thanks Aaron.

Got most of it working and am now stuck on the obviosu part....

How do I get the result back into Knime?

I used a Pytthon Source node.

from pandas import DataFrame
# Create empty table
output_table = DataFrame()
from nptdms import TdmsFile
tdms_file = TdmsFile("D:/tdms/testlog.tdms")
channel = tdms_file.object('MainData','Time in ms')
channel2 = tdms_file.object('MainData','Winddirection1')
data =
data2 =
#time = channel.time_track()

What do I need to add to get the data and data2 arrays into a dataframe I can use?