File Difference Checker node

I’m trying to use the File Difference Checker node to compare 2 Excel files. The first Excel file is created by a knime workflow executed on my pc running a Knime client. The other one is created by the workflow published on a webportal. The File Difference checker node fails; files are not equal. When I compare their contents (tab per tab), they are the same. Is there a way to get more details on the difference found by the File difference Checker node?

Hi @Claire -

I think that the File Difference Checker is looking at the two Excel files at the binary level. (I’ve asked about this internally to confirm.) If that’s the case, and you have the same file written on two different operating systems, they won’t have the same hash, and the node will fail.

To work around this, you could use the Table Difference Checker node after reading the Excel files into KNIME.

Let me see what else I can find out.

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Ok Thanks Scott. Let me know if you find something else.

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