File Download node returns HTTP 403 error


I am working on a KNIME Server Small installation (on Windows Server 2016 64bits). I’m trying to include a download link to an Excel file in a webportal workflow. For this I have used the usual combination of Create Temp Dir/Excel Writer/File Download Quickform node.

When I run the workflow in the webportal in Chrome, and click on the generated link, I get a “Failed - Forbidden” error, in Internet Explorer, this leads to a HTTP 403 Forbidden error. Interestingly, in Firefox I get a text file stating “Maximum number of consumers exceeded. The current server license allow at most 0 consumers”.

I have checked and compared my settings with those discussed in the following topic.

I have also downloaded and tested the workflow provided by Vincenzo in the same discussion, and I get the same error as with my workflow.

I have checked on the server, and the Excel file is created in the corresponding flowContextTmp folder.

Thanks for your help


Hi @sparel,

There is currently an issue with how the Server Small license is handled by the File Download node. I will contact you directly with a workaround.


Please, keep me updated too, I have the same issue.

Sure, sent you a pm already :slight_smile:

Can you also update me on this?
That would be nice. Thanks.

Sent you a pm with instructions as well :slight_smile:

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Hello Roland,

I am facing similar problem. Could you please send the workaround for me too?


Hello Team

Any update on this ? I am also facing same problem.

I am using - creat temp dir node and file download node…in wrapped node.
here my files fails to download
with error - download fail forbidden

Hi Roland,

Can you also update me on this?



Hi folks -

This was addressed in an other thread today: