File Download Path

Hello folks,

I currently work on setting up KNIME Server to operate with the SGE cluster extension, so that users will be able to work with pre-built, parameterized workflows to submit jobs to the cluster.

With user I mean the Tomcat User which will also log in via the WebPortal.

Now when it comes to output files which the user should be able to download (using the File Download QuickForm node) there is the need to specify a path for the output file on the server's file system (for an appropriate writer node). For organization and security reasons, I need to configure this path such that:

  • The path is unique (best would be the incorporation of a JobID) so that there is no risk of already present files with the same name. This must work even when the workflow job is divided into multiple parts for the cluster.
  • The path and hence the workflow is aware of the user who executed the workflow. This enables storing output in different locations for different users.

Of course, this raises the need for a schedulded removal of old files.

Is there any reasonable way in KNIME Server to accomplish this? I thought about harnessing the System Properties as provided by System.getProperty, but I'm not familiar with this.

Thanks in advance


If you use the "Create Temp Directory" node and configure the writer node via the flow variable create by the former node then the path is unique and the files (the temp directory) will be deleted when the server job gets deleted.

Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Best wishes, Lukas