File Download quickform - Question


I have a question regarding usage of new quick forms in Knime v3.  I've built a workflow which converts an Excel file in a CSV file (or a zip file if it contains more than one sheet).  At the end I put a wrapped metanode which contains the download file quickform so that I can download the result file. 

The workflow runs OK on the Knime server,  but I have to click the "Next" button to get to the page "Workflow executed successfully"  and to end the workflow (see screen shot attached).   With the legacy quickform, the workflow ends directly when it displays the link to download the  result file.   Do I have to setup something in my workflow so that it ends directly on the file download page?



Hi Claire,

the new Quickforms also come with a new execution mode, which behaves differently than the old one. At the moment it is not possible to show any Quickforms or other JavaScript views on the result page, which is why the file download is displayed at the place of the wrapped metanode and the next button is displayed.

The Quickform execution behaviour is still in discussions here at KNIME so there might be a few things changing in the future, but for now the result page can only display the status message and a report preview, in case a report is being created.

Best regards,