File Download Widget - Unable to download/map a csv in WF location

Hi Team,

I had download a sample.csv file from databricks to knime location, Now I need to make the sample.csv file as downloadable to user in knime. Using File Download widget I had passed the path of the sample.csv as File Path Variable.

  1. WF

  1. In WebPortal UI, below is the detail message of the error

Any help in resolving issue in file download widget will be really helpful.

Hey @mathi,

you have to create a TempDir first, where you can write the csv.


I used your method. But facing a problem. Downloaded file also contains temp path in it.
eg. for tempfolder/data.csv => tempfolder_data.csv.
How to change it to data.csv only

hello @harsh,

you can provide the name in the tempdir-node via variable.



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