File explorer within KNIME not showing anything???

Recently, I toggled switching to modern/classic UI, but it ended up closing all my projects. When i tried to view my local space to open them, up again, the knime local space explorer doesn’t show anything, and I can’t even create new projects!? Restarting knime doesn’t work, copying my workflow to another folder and going from there doesn’t work…

Hi @thefastmeow , welcome to the KNIME community .

That is an odd one. If you switch back to the classic UI, does it then show your workflows again?

Switching between classic UI and modern UI doesn’t necessarily leave open the workflows that were already open (I don’t know why that is because it works in the original “preview” version), but you should at least be able to navigate to them and reopen them.

Which exact version of KNIME are you using and on what operating system?

I am using knime analytics platform 5 on Windows 11. Also, im not very familiar with the classic UI, so i dont know if i am checking correctly:

oops, i forgot to @takbb you, i tried reinstalling multiple times, and trying all three installer types, but still no luck…

Nevermind, turns out it was something in my workflow folder that was corrupted. While i still do not know exactly what is corrupted, i managed to fix it by just creating an empty folder, using that folder as the knime workspace, and dragging my project into the empty folder(and crossing my fingers in hopes my project isn’t the corrupted one).

sorry for ping :sob:

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Thanks for the update @thefastmeow . Glad you managed to resolve it, even though the cause is a mystery.

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