File Folder Nodes: Folder Name contains slash


I’d estimate this to be a minor bug at best but still can cause some confusion. When selecting a file / folder, the input field “name” contains a slash … well the path name. But as the name of the input suggest, it’s the name, not the path.

Renaming “Name” to “Path” would be more accurate. It would also allow to intuitively comprehend that one could simply paste an existing path to quick navigate too. Though, I tested that and it does not work … likely because of the path type “Read from” and another surprising disjoint because Knime seems to use “/” internally whilst windows doesn’t.

In case the path is generated dynamically based on system properties, this likely causes another inconsistency too. Though, this is clearly an edge case as it’s rather unlikely to occur.


Hi @mwiegand ,
thank you for your suggestion!

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