File Handling for SFTP?

Hi All,

Hope somebody can help me with the following.

For a normal FTP location I was able to get a list of files by using only two nodes from the File Handeling extension, namely:

  1. FTP Connection
  2. List Remote Files

I hope to get the same results (get a list of files) with a SFTP location, but so far I have not been succesful. I don't think the basic "FTP Connection"-node is compatible for SFTP's, but I don't see any other alternative.

Does anyone have suggestions?

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If you really mean SFTP (as opposed tp FTPS) then try using the SSH Connection node. SFTP operates on top of SSH. FTPS is not supported.

Thank you Thor. This works indeed!

Sorry for reanimating this thread, but I would really like to know if an FTPS Connection node is something you might be working on someday.

Thanks, that was very helpful.

I used the SSH Connection node to connect to SFTP. Then I used the ‘List remote files’ node to get all the files located in the directory. Which node should I use next in order to get the data of one of these files into KNIME?




You could do row filtering according to your needs and then use the Download node to download the file, to a location of your choosing. Then you can read it using the File Reader for example.