File Reader Error - Cannot create URL of data file from

I’m trying to read csv files for which the directory is passed in by a variable into a File Reader node (Can’t use CSV Reader because of change lines within quotes) . The preview works perfectly but I get the following error:
“Cannot create URL of data file from ‘C:\Users\dxxxxx\Documents\file_0.csv’ in filereader config”

I tried the same but without using variable and it works perfectly. Hope someone can help

If you use the absolute OS path to identify the file, then add file:/ in front of the flow variable (the hint is that it is also automatically prepended by KNIME, when you add it directly as a value in the node settings)

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EDIT: @lisovyi beat me to it. :slight_smile:

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You guys are really good. Thanks a lot, that fixed my problem

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