"File Reader" Error - Path controlled by Variables

I tried to execute a flow with variable set to control the file intake (some csv file)

For CSV reader, i dont see the option as in the file reader “Advance - Quoted strings can extend over multiple lines”
I am wondering if it is the case caused me having errors if using CSV reader.
(Variable for intake file “Path”)

For File Reader, the variable for file intake remains in “String” as the older version, so I translated those path to string before having the list goes into the loop.
But when i run it , i got the error:
"Errors loading flow variables into node : Coding issue: Cannot create URL of data file from ‘FilePath’’ in filereader config

Not sure if it is what i think.

Ver. 4.3.1

Is the flow variable that you’re trying to access in the CSV reader actually in the Path format?

As of 4.3.1, it seems the file intake variable to control in the different nodes are:

CSV reader - Path type variable
File Reader - String Variable (But seems this one is broken)

I misunderstood your initial post.

The flow variable you select in the File Reader node must be formatted as a URI. So you need to use a String to URI node to convert your string column that contains the file path into a column of the type URI. Once you convert the URI value into a variable, it should be recognized by the File Reader node.


as elsamuel already stated the File Reader node is not yet migrated to the new framework and requires a URI string as input. You can find more details about the usage of old and new file handling nodes as well as how to migrate your workflows in the File Handling Guide.
We are sorry for this mix of old and new nodes and on the migration of the remaining nodes. However there might still remain community nodes that will use the old framework for a while.



I faced the same problem with the File Reader node in Knime 4.3.1. You first need to convert the file path to a string and then further from string to URI:




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