File reader fails even though successfully connected to google drive

I am wanting to connect to Google Drive to read and write files. I was able to successfully set up the Google Authenticator and Google Drive Connector Nodes.


I followed the example of this workflow to connect to the file reader node (in my case, Table Reader) and set the file path accordingly. However I am getting a failed node and this error:

Execute failed: The specified file [path] does not exist.

I don’t usually use the file system connection ports, so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be able to access the file if the Google Drive Connector can successfully connect to the folder. I can even put the full file path in the Google Drive Connector and it successfully executes, but I no matter what, I cannot read the file with the Reader node. Does anyone have any insight to fixing this?

Here are my node settings:

Here is proof of the file existing:

Hi @cbirch,

I tried to replicate the procedure you mentioned and everything works as expected.
What are your settings inside the first node?

Also, I assume you didn’t type manually paths and file names, so they should be allright.

Have a nice day,
Raffaello Barri

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