File Reader - how to save configuration settings?

The 'File Reader' node has many configuration settings, including complex Advanced options. If I point a configured node to a different file (with the same structure), then all the settings are reset to default and I have to go through the painful process of re-creating them.

I noticed there is a 'Read from XML file...' button (see attached screenshot), that seems to address this issue, but:

  1. How do I save the original settings from the configured node to an XML file in the first place?
  2. Why does the warning mention "old XML file"? Is this deprecated?

I tried copying and using the node's settings.xml file from the workspace - it didn't work, I got an error.


Thank you in advance.

Dear Dimitri,

just use the option "Preserve user settings for new location" before changing the file path in the File Reader node.

Thank you, that certainly works for changing the file in the same workflow.

I need to test how it works when sharing workflows or configured nodes.

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