File reader in loop fails without any reason

Hello everyone.
I am building a workflow in which I want to read files.
To do so, I use “List files” node, in which I give the name of the folder containing all my files.
Then, I use a “chunk loop” that takes each file directory name one by one and put it in a “file reader” node.
There is no problem to read the files manually (I mean outside the loop) with the directory names provided by the chunk loop.
The problem happens here : when I execute the loop, the file reader at the first iteration is OK, but at the second one, a small red cross appears under the file reader node. Then, I double click, click apply, ok, and launch it again and it works !
If someone can give me a piece of help on that bug, it would be wonderful.

Than you all :slight_smile:

There is an example workflow on the KNIME example sever that does that. It does not use a chunk loop but takes the files path as an input for the “Table Row To Variable Loop Start”