File Reader node does not read/show data


I wanted to have source code in files to read them in and generate a variable from it, to feed it to nodes like the SPARQL query node.

However, I am having problems. I set the column and row separator characters to something improbable, with and without comment character, to no avail. Interestingly, I had a working version, but cannot reproduce it any more. Please find my test attached.

File reader tester.knwf (103.4 KB)

Be it as it may, to me, it looks like an excellent idea if there was a special reader that just reads a file into a string variable with configurable name. At least, I would expect that my settings as described above would result in data read into the node.

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Well, I could reproduce a working node by configuring everything before selecting the file.

Another way: I’ve been using a Line Reader followed by a GroupBy to concatenate the lines using a \n delimiter.


This is very, very strange to me. As can be seen from the screenshot above, the very first character of the string is the comment char. So, I presume, it should not work in any case when having defined the comment character as it is.

Nice work around, good thinking, thanks. But should not be necessary, in my eyes.

Thinking of it again. Does group by guarantee that the order of the rows stays the same?

[edit] yes it can.

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Good point, forgot to mention - there’s an explicit checkbox for it :slight_smile:

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