File Reader Node. Microsoft Excel CSV Files starting with "="

I want to upload Microsoft Excel CSV Files to Knime Analytics Platform and am actually using the File reader node which recognizes the file as UTF-16LE.
The issue is that it uploads all headers and data with the sufix “=”. Is there a way to avoid this?

Can you post input file (masking all sensible data)?

Hello pigreco,

Here an input file example and the screenshot with the result out of the File Reader node.

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi there @Bortolinm,

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Don’t think you can solve it with only using File Reader but you can do following. From your print screen data your can use Column Rename (Regex) node to remove “=” from your column names. Use =(.+) as regex and $1 as replacement. Then use String Manipulation node to remove same char within column with following syntax : replace($column_name$,"=",""). For this you will have to use one node for each column (in future release String Manipulation node that handles multiple columns is planned). If you have too many columns you can use loop. Check this example on KNIME Hub for that approach:

Hope this helps!


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Hi Ivan,

Really appreciate your prompt and detailed answer which in fact solves the issue. I had already used the String Manipulation with looping, but since I am uploading a huge amount of data it takes ages, that’s why I was looking for a solution within the File reader. Actually it is faster to open the CSV file with the Notepad and replace before uploading.

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