File reader : Quote support

I had a problem in my file reader node. It showed “new line in quoting string or closing quote missing” . I’ve made some changes in the Quota support in advanced and it started working.
I want to know what does the Quote support mean? Because I just removed the “,” coma, and it started working normally.
I’ve never had this problem before and my input file is correct.
Can you help me understand?
Thank you

Dear @newuser01,

Would it be possible for you to share a workflow with the input data? This would make debugging a lot easier (and likely faster).

This hints at your values spanning multiple lines (i.e. they contain a new line character). By enclosing them in quotation characters (e.g. "), defining this quote character, and enabling support for multiline string in the configuration dialog, you should be able to read your file.



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