File Reader vs XLS Reader

Dear KNIME team,


My question is about File Reader/XLS Reader.
In File Reader it is possible to define column type (integer, double etc) in configuration window. But how to do this in XLS Reader? I cannot find such option in XLS Reader configuration.
Then if I have empty cells in Excel file, XLS Reader turns them into "?". How to handle missing values in XLS Reader? How to replace "?" with "0"?

I have noticed that XLS Reader can read xlsx files if they are small but if they are big, it cannot. Hopefully new version of KNIME will support xlsx files properly.

Thank you very much in advance,

To turn missing values such as ? Into a 0, then you can do this with the missing value node.

i agree the xls reader node could be better in handling bigger xlsx files and being able to define column types manually would be useful as its not currently possible. Lets hope it gets an update!



I have a similar problem: In my first workflow I have created a table with several empty cells through the xls writer. There is no "?" or "0" in this emtpy cells. But when I would like to merge some columns afterwards, Knime does not recognize the empty cells as empty I think, because merging does not work.

I also tried the missing value node to confirm my suspicion, so I want to overwrite the empty cells with a "?". The missing value node as well does not "see" the empty cells?!

Can someone help me?