File Selector for Local files (not in a mountpoint)


I’m looking to build a simple workflow to concat excel workbooks into a single table. The files exists within the same directory on a mapped (windows) network drive. The folder also contains excel workbooks that should not be included in the concatenation operation. The file names are all very different.

I can build a basic loop to read the workbooks I want, assuming I have them listed in a table. Something like the File Chooser would be perfect to get that list, but it can’t select files that don’t reside in a mount point.

My current solution involves listing the files in the directory, then using a Rule-based row filter to filter the list to the files I want, then perform the loop and outputting the concatenated table.

Is there an easier/more efficient way?

Basically I just need a mechanism to select multiple local files and have them listed (paths) in a table.

Thanks for any assistance!

How many multiple files are we talking about needing to select?

Thanks iCFO,

The number of selected files will vary. Could be 2 or up to 20 files. Since this node only selects a single file, I would need one node per file selection, correct?

If you went this route, then you would need one per file. Would all of the files be in the same folder? If so, you might be able to build a component that identified the folder, read in the file names for multi select, then output in the paths for the rest of your workflow.

That kind of functionality would be easier in the interactive view. That allows you to use the refresh button to make things a little bit more dynamic feeling for the user interaction.

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We figured it out. It might not be the most elegant, but it works. We used a multiple selection widget to choose file names (from variables), then rejoin with the path info for the read & concat operation.


Nice. If they were not in the same folder it would have been a bit more tricky. Glad you have it working!

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