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My basic ask is to upload a file (excel) through the widget which willl be used in the workflow. The file is in local system.
I have tried setting up my excel reader as local connection, connected my file upload widget with a default file and then used the path of this in excel reader file selection. However on uploading it fails saying can’t connect to local.

Is there any other conversion i am missing or should i change my read in excel file to relative/mountpoint or a knime URL?
It seems to be a small issue but i am missing something very basic in this.

Hi r_jain,

Normally, i try to make a absolute path for my files, it’s can be used with knime workflow variable to introduce the location and then you can set the folder and file name to be looked.



Expression: join($${Sknime.workspace}$$,$${Sfolder}$$,$${Sfile}$$)

As you can see the this print, the path and variable show the full path that can be used with others components as SFTP or email to send as attachment.

I hope that you can use it.



Its not working in server.

Hi r_jain,

If you are using in server, did you try just changing the File System to URL or relative path for example? You need to pass the exactly path for it. If the files are at the server too, you can try to relative option to select the files from the server.



Yes i did. So i am using file upload widget which i am trying to take data from my local system. From there i am converting it to knime URL through the string manipulation and path creation node which you gave to me which i am then passing on to my excel reader as a flow variable to control the path. However it fails.

In the file upload widget, i deselect the store the uploaded file in directory as it says Connection to given URL file:/C:/Users/r/desktop/testing.xlsx cannot be achieved.

Is it possible for you to show me the settings for file upload & excel reader as well?

I am creating a temp folder.

Then creating file/folder variables

I have already uploaded a test file which will act as my default file in my file upload widget

The path in excel reader is to take the file path from my file upload widget

Okay i have figured out the solution. It has to do with mismatches in the server and the local version.

My local is on the latest desktop version and the server is on the previous version. When i use file upload, earlier the output used to be in a knime:knime.workflow format but now on the latest one it comes up as file://c/users/etc/etc format which causes the issue.
Once i reverted back to my older version it worked.

Thanks for the help.

Cool! Nice to know that you figured it out!



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