File Upload Widget default file not working when ported from local analytics platform to Server

I’m creating a simple workflow which involves the upload of a file, where a default file is made available.
In Knime Analytics Platform, I’ve created a Workflow group (let’s call it WFG1), which contains a Data workflow group and the actual workflow itself.
I reference the default data file in the File Input Widget as “KNIME://knime.workspace/…/Data/default_file_name.sdf”
This executes just fine in the local deployment.
I then send WFG1 to our Knime Server and attempt to execute there, but it leads to the following failure message:
There are messages for workflow “Workflow_name 2021-10-19 20.14.35”
File Upload Widget 2233:5:0:1 - WARNING: Connection to given URL: “knime://knime.workflow/…/Data/default_file_name.sdf” could not be achieved. http://server:port/knime/rest/v4/repository/path_to_WFG1/Data/default_file_name.sdf:data

To expand on this;
I also attempted to execute this workflow using the WebPortal.
In this case, it skips the File Upload Widget entirely, but is able to find and populate data from the default file.

Hi @jchristopherson ,

I see that your response has been marked as a SOLUTION but just curious if you still need assistance as it doesn’t provide much detail on what your solution was?


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