File Upload Widget does not update my new file selection

I created a metanode with file upload widget view, so I can open the the metanode view and update my excel data file with an another file. But when I open the view and select the excel file from my computer at first new file seems like uploaded with a green tick next to it (As seen in Image)
, then when I say “close and apply” or “close and apply as default” It just keeps the old file and nothing changes. Please help me with this situation.

Hi @bestekulekci,

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What version of KNIME are you using? Is it KNIME 4.4.2?

What may be happening is that the signal the file has been uploaded (the green tick mark) is being displayed before the actual upload of the file. If you wait a few moments after applying the temporary settings before closing out, does it update properly?


Yes, I am using that version, and I tried what you say It still didn’t work. But I noticed every other file I tried to upload is working but not the one I wanted

@bestekulekci, we are currently investigating a bug with this version of KNIME where the default values of widgets may not be correctly overwritten.

In regards to the file that you’re trying to upload that is not working, is it larger than the other files you tried uploading that did work? It may take a larger file longer to update after applying the temporary settings so it may require you to wait additional time before closing out.

An alternative solution that may work for the time being is that you could use the widget in legacy mode. It may not give you the same look and feel, but the progress bar should be consistent with the actual file upload.


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