File Upload Widget (large files of 200 MB and more)

Hi there.

I have built a small workflow that allows me to upload a CSV file from the KNIME Server WebGUI and then also write the data directly to a DB. Works fine so far with test data (from 1 MB up to approx 10 MB).

But now I want to upload a large data file (about 200 MB) and process it the same way and doing so I get an error message.

“Some of your input is invalid. Please check the messages on the page.”

Does anyone have an idea? Is it necessary to change something in the knime.ini or the Apache Tomcat Webserver Configuration to be able to upload and process larger files?


Hello @andreas_vfde ,

what kind of nodes are you using? What kind of data are you using? Is it possible to share a wf or a screenshot of the relevant part of your workflow?
Maybe the issue is what the error messages is saying: some data you are trying to read/write etc. is not in the correct ones for the node that you are trying to use.


Hi @dora_gcs

The overall workflow looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-07-03 175857-2

The component “File upload widget” contains just a File Upload Widget Node…


Hello @andreas_vfde ,

thank you for the feedback! The file size should not be a problem if you using KNIME Server. (Using AP could lead to problems uploading large files but it isn’t the case here.)
Is it possible to share the knime.log file to see a little bit more context of you issue? You can find the log files at some place similar to this: \knime-workspace.metadata\knime, or you can copy & paste it from your AP application: View → Open KNIME log.


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