File Upload Widget - multiple valid file extensions issue

Hi all,

I am having an issue with the File Upload Widget, where I defined “.csv,.xlsx,.xls” as the valid file extensions. However, when trying to select a file from the explorer, none of these file types show up:


I am able to select the valid files by using the drop-down menu to specifically select a certain file extension:


But I believe it is desired to show all valid files within the screen of the first image. This is the File Upload Widget configuration I have set:

When only defining a maximum of two valid file extensions, it does work. Is this expected behaviour from the widget, a bug, or wrong settings on my end?

Thanks in advance!


This defect is registered already as AP-19085, observed in AP 4.5.2 and now in 4.6.0. I have updated this defect with my test results based on your issue description above. I do not have any information on when it is scheduled for resolution, but have added weight to it for future roadmapping.

Thank you,