File Upload Widget not always required

I have to ask a user to upload a file if she wants to make a specific process. So she checks a box and upload the file, or she doesn’t check it and the file is not required. I have in the same component the check box and the Upload file Widget, so when I run it at the Web Portal, the file is required even if she checks or not the box. I saw it is a variable named “Required” (in the flow variables) but with false or true it always asks for the file. How can I solve it?
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Hello @lsandinop ,

seems to me you can solve it by defining a default file in Upload File Widget node. Then if user doesn’t want specific process won’t upload file and you will ignore the default file. Cleaner design would be to have question with check box and widget in separate Components. Then if user wants specific process you will offer upload option on next page and skip this page if opposite. In each case you should build logic based on user’s answer by using IF Switch for example. Not sure if there is a better approach…


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I have the same issue, the “required” option don’t seem to be used ?

I agree we can use a defaut file and ignore it, but the user have still the red star meaning mandatory so if there is a way to avoid it could be nice.

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Hi @Cyrille ,

Unfortunately I believe in order for the node to execute it needs at least a default path/file. We will consider this for future updates of nodes.


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