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Hello all,

I just started to use Knime. I have one question, please who knows help me.

I have a excel file (File1) in sharepoint and my task is to put this File1 to SQL database by using Knime.

Data in File1 is changed daily.

So, I need to do a flow in knime where I take Excel file from Sharepoint and via Knime put it into SQL DB. But excel file is changed daily, that’s why data from yesterday should be deleted before putting a new one.

Please let me know if I explained not clearly.



Welcome to the KNIME Forum!

Just to clarify, are you having issues connecting to Sharepoint to get the Excel file or overwriting existing data in the SQL DB or both?



I would say both. If it is not difficult please show me the flow how it should be. Thank you!

Sorry, forgot to add your name.

I did like that, but it does not work🤔


Something like the screenshot below could work:

You can configure the DB Writer node to delete and recreate the table in the SQL database corresponding to the data structure. There should be a checkbox in the configuration window to delete the table.

Hopefully this helps somewhat, but if not or if you have more questions please reach out again!


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