fill in the blanks in table cell according to a rule

hi dear form users

ı have a question ı m new to knime platform. I have null cell in my table . ı want to fiil him by a rule

for ex : ı want to fiil number_of_children columb

fiiling rule is = "if family size ==2 and person == married " : { no_of _ children =0}

same as this exampe

what should I do ?

Hi @BerkayAkar
You could do this by “Rule Engine” node, see attached workflow:
RuleEngine(example).knwf (8.6 KB)


hi @FtmhRahimi

thanks for giving advice sir

hi @FtmhRahimi

hı have a questions how to write family_size - no_of_children =1 : { maritay_status = “singe” }

Hello @BerkayAkar,

for calculation there is Math Formula node. After that you can use above mentioned Rule Engine to define outcome based on calculated value. To have everything in one node you can use Column Expressions node (or other scripting node like Java Snippet or Python Script). See here workflow example with Column Expressions:


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