Filling in a table based on string values in the first row(column names) and first column

I am sure that this is a straight forward application of loops, but given the lack of documentation/examples I am having some difficulty implementing.

What I want to do is populate a table of data. This first column contains the names of the items that I want to process and the column names define the operation I want to perform. Each cell evaluates a REST call constructed from the operation defined in the column header and the value in the first column. 

I can read the initial table in from a CSV file, but how do I get the "names" and "operations" from the first column and row to populate the table.

If someone can point me to a good document or tutorial on loop structures in KNIME perhaps I can figure this out on my own.



I can't picture what this table looks like, can you give an example?


Some nodes that may be useful for you: extract column header, transpose...





I think I know what you mean, although I do not know the details and the REST call.


I think the two nodes may be helpful:

Extract Table Spec: extract Column Type and Name, which are used by the next node,

Java Snippet: you can use Column Type and Name as inputs, and a FOR loop with getCell(i,c_ColumnTy) function to retrieve cell values, and then to evalute REST call.



I tried to draw it out but the table object in this comment system does not get saved as a table in the doc.
I am thinking something like this:


names    oper1                            oper2                             oper3






names    oper1                            oper2                             oper3

item1     RESTcall(item1, oper1)   RESTcall(item1, oper2)   RESTcall(item1, oper3)

item2     RESTcall(item2, oper1)   RESTcall(item2, oper2)   RESTcall(item2, oper3)

item3     RESTcall(item3, oper1)   RESTcall(item3, oper2)   RESTcall(item3, oper3)

Not sure if table construction like this is the best fit for KNIME.

-- Scott