fillna() in python node is not working as usual

I am trying to deploy an existing python code into KNIME but I faced some issues while simply trying to change the type of a column (which had missing values). Normally this is not a hinderance in python.

Here is the data type as per

Upon trying to use fillna() i got this error:

So I tried to use Missing Value Node of Knime’s but I am unable to use “Fixed Value”

My trials with Multi column string manipulation did not work as well.

Any solution to my above problems will be very helpful

Hi @vishal2001
if you want to use a fixed value you first have to convert your column datatype to string and afterwards back to date

@vishal2001 maybe you can provide us with a full example of what you want to do. The data transfer from knime to Python uses the arrow format. You might have to convert that to pandas.

Also you might want to check the handling of date and time variables.

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Is pyarrow used by default in the latest pandas version or does it require to explicitly use that in code?

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