Filter column if column name starts with 1267038...


I have an excel with a lot of different unecessary columns. Is there an opportunity to filter the columns that it shows me just the columns if they start with 1267038**

and by the way is there also en opportunity to read a .xlsb-file?

Thank you in advance

Br Alex :slight_smile:

Hi @Alex1990

For the column filter use the Column Filter node and select the WildCard Regex Selection

And for the .xlsb file the Tika Parser node may do the job.

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS,

thank you for your help, its working! :slight_smile:

In the next step I have two string manipulations for this workflow.
For a defined column name its easy to create the string manipulations, but if I don`t know the name before (e.g. I know that it starts with 1267038… but I dont know how it ends.) how can I create a variable Expression?

I hope you understand my issue.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @Alex1990

I think this wf Looping over all columns and manipulation of each from the KNIME hub can help you out. Replace the math formula, with the String Manipulation node. The advantage of using this loop, is that every column you sent into the loop will receive the same name (and renamed back again to its original name). So the String Manipulation is independent of your input columns.
gr, Hans


AWESOME!!! it works!

Thanks a lot @HansS :slight_smile:

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Hi @Alex1990

glad I could help you out. (You can mark the topic solved, using the … option)

Hello Knimer,

I have a problem with this column filter, because I forget to ensure the unique assignability. Everything works well, but afterwards I dont have the assignabilitiy to the “Serienummer”. all Datas from the Columns “1267030874??” must be assigned to the serial number. But if I filter with the Wildcard/Regex selection I can`t create a filter for “1267030874??” & “Serienummer”.

Do you have any idea how I can solve this problem?

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Alex1990,

use two Column Filters followed by a Column Appender node?


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Ok for the first case the Column Appender node is working.

Now I want to connect two different workflows with different Data sources connect with the column appender

Both workflows have the column “Seriennummer” as unique ID. The aim is to consolidate both tables according to the unique ID. I tried it as well with the column appender, but it shows a failure as you can see in the picture.

Do you have any idea how I can sole this?

Hi @Alex1990,

when I understand you right, you want to combine two input tables on level of one column “Seriennummer”.
The solution should be the Joiner-Node. Pay attention to select the correct join mode.

Greetz, Tommy


Hi @tommy, yes it works! Thanks a lot!

I am curious when I will know all these different Nodes hahaha

Br Alex

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