Filter Excel table by colour

Hi, I have a table in excel which I need to filter the colour by “no fill” in Knime.

Thanks in advance

Example.xlsx (8.5 KB)
I attached an example.
Below is what I am expecting

Well, it is possible to do that with the help of Python’s Openpyxl (like with so many Excel manipulation tasks in and around KNIME).

Basically what happens is this:

  • Import the Excel file into python
  • activate the “Sheet1”
  • find the edges, in this case, the no of rows
  • iterate thru all of the cells with data in column A
  • extract the style information (that was some piece of work)
  • Store them in the corresponding column C
  • check if the style information contains the specific colour we want to see (you could drop that once you are comfortable with the solution)
  • if yes write TRUE if not FASLE into column B
  • save the Excel file under a new name (so you might keep your original file)
  • check the results

You could adapt that to more style information

Please note within the workflow is a subdirectory that contains a Jupyter notebook I used to first explore the functions. And it is possible that this is not the most elegant way :slight_smile: - I wanted to demonstrate that it can be done.

And yes. Excel offers a native solution to filtering such data. So another possibility might be to filter your data before loading it into KNIME.


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