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i have again a Problem. i want in the Node 128 (Filter) filter the Volume like this, if Volume(01) less the 5 mio then take the Price 2010.0 for Volume < 5 Mio und if Volume (02) between 5 und 10 mio then Take the Price 2011.0 for Volume between 5 mio - 10 mio and like that for all Volumes in the different years.
i know that i can do it with the Rule-based Row Filter Node but that will take a lot of time and i will need a lot of Nodes. could someone help me to do that easier.
Thank u

KNIME_project.knwf (599.1 KB)

Could you maybe use the Column Expressions node to apply a series of conditional statements? It wasn’t clear to me from looking at your workflow exactly what you were trying to do, but if you’re trying to populate a new field based on the contents of your existing data, perhaps this could work. The if... else if... else statement might end up being long and clunky, but at least you’d have fewer nodes in your workflow.


thank you, that will help me :smile:
but could i write two conditions in the same if argument like this ?

thank u



Hi Hussein!

You are able to combine multiple conditions in same if condition. Column Expressions node is based on JavaScript syntax so I always check some tutorial page like this when not sure :slight_smile:


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Hallo Ivan,

thank you but i think that my code is not right, because it does not check the first condition.
it does not look for, if the Volume(01) more or less than the value. could you maybe help me to find my mistake.

thank you



KNIME_project.knwf (551.3 KB)

Hi Hussein,

I have taken a look. Not quite sure what are you trying to do but this syntax should be modified:
5000000 < column("Volume (01)") <= 10000000
5000000 < column("Volume (01)") && column("Volume (01)") <= 10000000


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