filter out all rows with a pipe in a column

Hello gang,

So I am brand new to knime, I was looking for an alternative to powerquery as my queries are lagging like crazy…

Anyway I want to remove all rows where a field value contains a pipe |

I have tried with a row filter “exclude rows by attribute value” pattern matching | (use wildcards) but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I guess it’s a very trivial mistake, but I can’t quite figure it out :frowning: help !


Hello @Startide , and welcome to the KNIME community.
You can test a ‘Row Filter’ node with a ‘regular expression’:


Selecting ‘Exclude rows by attribute value’.

‘contains wild cards’ with the following expression will work as well:




Hi @Startide , I just wanted to check… When you say “a field” do you mean a specific field, in which case @gonhaddock 's solution should be fine, or do you mean any field.

If the latter then you may want to use column aggregator to concatenate all columns into a single new column first and then use @gonhaddock 's solution on this new column.


Thanks guys, i did the | thing with wildcats but it doesn’t work.

I’ll try again when i go back home.

What i was trying to do is exclude all rows where a specific field contains data that matches “text|12345” (all variations around this).

Worked fine in power query so the data should be ok. Gotta get used to knime though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Startide , if you still can’t get it to work post a screenshot of your Row Filter config. Maybe we can spot something.

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This is what I have, can’t have regex and wildcard selected at the same time… one doesn’t return anything, the other returns all rows (it seems)

Have you tried testing the filter with some manually created dummy data? This would help determine whether the problem is in your data or somehow in the filter. This worked fine:


This fixed it, because indeed that particular query result was 0, no wonder it returned zero… I have a bunch of queries and I lost track, silly me :smiley:
Thanks for the help !

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Glad you found the problem.

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