Filter out rows based on many keywords - best case with keywords from a different table


is it possible to filter out rows based on many keywords not just one like in the filter node?


For example forum, foren, question …

This should be removed:



Best case - use the keywords from a different table

Thx for your time!

so you don’t like dogs? ^^
There is a Rule-based Row Filter Dictionary Node which might help you with that.


Hi @phil21oo ,

Another option, if you are using KNIME 5.1 or later is to use the Value Lookup node to match your list of keywords.

Scroll to the bottom of the config and make sure you are showing “advanced settings” as this then provides the “String Matching” panel in the middle of the window, which provides the option for matching whole string, substrings, wildcards or regex.

Also have it “Append a column indicating whether a match was found”. After this, you can then use the Row Filter or Row Splitter to include/exclude rows based on the “Match Found” being “true” or “false”

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