filter out rows with a spezific word in a cell

Hello, i have a quick question

if i want to remove all rows which contain “word + “new york”” in a column, what should i do?


  1. pizza new york
  2. pizza chicago
  3. pizza paris
  4. burger new york

Remove 1 and 4 . I already tried this one, but it just works for “new york” as one word

and if this works, how can i implement a CSV of words which will be filtered out?

Thx for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @phil21oo & welcome to the KNIME forum!

You were almost there. You need to check the “contains wild cards” option and use instead the following pattern machine: *new york*

the * sign is a wild card that means -any possible chain of characters- included an empty string.
Hope it helps :wink:



Thank you very much, this works :slight_smile:

and how can i implement a CSV of words which will be filtered out?

My pleasure @phil21oo !

Use instead a -Row Splitter- node so that all the rows that were filtered out are available in a second table.
Do you need to split the content of filtered out rows into words before saving it in a CSV file?

thx for your quick help. :slight_smile:

I have some words that always should be filtered out in a csv like (new york, la, …)

as a result i want the list without these words.

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