Filter out rows with filter criteria from a different csv with (Rule Based Row-Splitter (Dictionary)


i have a database and want to filter out rows which contain some words that i have in a table (for example buy, cheap… and many more)


  1. burger cheap
  2. burger tasty
  3. buy burger
  4. burger new york

filter out 1 and 3

Now my question is how can i implement this filter criteria to a (Rule Based Row-Splitter (Dictionary)? I know it is possible with loops but sb. said it is easy with the (Rule Based Row-Splitter (Dictionary)

Thx for your time :slight_smile:

Hello @phil21oo

You can implement it in different ways. My proposal is to test the linked workflow, as it’s based in regex recognition (that can somehow be customized), besides it high performs avoiding loops.

Please, take a look into the following topic. You are not clarifying too much about your analysis context; like if your wildcard is unique search() or any but()… As you see, you can develop any logical rule afterwards.

The workflow’s final filter has to be configured as ‘exclude TRUES’, to match your requested use case.

Let us know if further support is needed.



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