filter record


how can i filter records with special value?

for ex:if any record has value=99 then filter it

i mean filter all record whith that value not for special column(s)



You are obliged to select a specific column in order to filter records. For that purpose, you can use "Row filter" node.

Good luck ;)


With the Java Snippet Row Filter/Splitter nodes you can go through the columns with the methods described in the Java Snippet node's description (look for Java Snippet Methods) and check whether that row contains the specified number of not. (Probably with R or Python this is even easier if you are familiar with it.)

If you prefer a solution without Java/R/Python/... programming, create a new column with the Column Aggregator (Set or List or Max if there is no larger than 99 is expected) and use that column for filtering (the Rule-based Row filtering nodes support the IN operator).

Cheers, gabor