Filter Row by Current Year


I am trying to filter out rows that are not current year. For example, I have a file that shows annual payments made to individuals and what dates they were made on. This includes all the payments from previous years as well as current. So the date column shows yyyy-mm-dd. I only want to see the rows that have the current year without having to update the node each year to reflect the change. Any suggestions?

hi @eckers85

See this wf filter_row_by_current_year.knwf (27.8 KB)
Schermafdruk van 2022-08-10 20-16-51
With the Create Date&Time Range node, you create the execution-date. This is converted to a flow variable and used in a RowFilter node to filter the rows of the current year .

gr, Hans


That worked!! Thank you so much, I would not have gotten there by myself!


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