Filter rows of a table based BETWEEN condition of a column

I’m trying to filter a table so that only rows where the column DATE are between two values are returned using the column expression node. In the expression editor, I have written:

if BETWEEN(20240101, column("DATE"), 20240131){
ELSE {"Null"}

I then want to use the rule based row filter to filter out the nulls.

However I get the error:

Errors in code. Please fix the expression.
No function ‘BETWEEN’ with 3 argument(s) defined. if BETWEEN(20240101,column(“DATE”) ,20240131 ) { ^ at line 1 at column 4

Hi @mars519,

If your DATE field is coded as a date, I would use the Date&Time-based Row Filter node for this.

Kind regards


It is not coded as a date, rather a double.

How do I convert double to date?


How is the double formatted? Would 2024-01-21 appear as 20240121?

Yes, it’s formatted exactly like that.

You can use this in the Column Expression node: regexReplace(column("DATE"),"([0-9]{4})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})","$1-$2-$3"). Make sure you also change the DATE field type to Local Date in the Column Expression “Type” dropdown. You can then filter the DATE field using the Date&Time-based Row Filter node.


Thanks, this worked.

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