Filter rows string with flow variable

Hi everyone, I am trying to filter table rows that contain a specific text using a flow variable.


I am attaching a Dummy Workflow

Thank you

Row filter Variable.knwf (16.7 KB)

Things I noticed:

  1. Your rule is $Path$ LIKE $${SYYYYMMDD}$$ => TRUE but there’s no column called Path. The error message in the console tells you this.
  2. Trying to use LIKE without any wildcards in the right side expression means that you’re asking for an exact match.

These are both easy to address.

For 1, use the appropriate column name in your rule.

For 2, add wildcards to your string using something like this: join("*",replace(substr($${STODAYDATE}$$,0,10),"-",""),"*")

Here’s the filtered result:


Hi @elsamuel thank you I worked fine

Attaching the workflow for future reference

Row filter Variable.knwf (18.2 KB)

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