Filter Rows with Dropdown List


I am new to Knime.  I want to create a drop-down list of all the unique values in a particular column, but I don't know what node can acheive this.  This selection will then be used to filter all rows with this value.


You can select a value using the QuickForms nodes, Value Filter QuickForm or Value Selection QuickForm resembles to your description. Based on the selected form value, you can use a regular Row Filter with the flow variable. (If you put this in a metanode or use it from a web portal, it is even better.)

Thanks aborg, Value Selection (Labs) node from Quickforms was exactly what I was looking for.

First I needed a Domain Calculator node to calculate the domain of my target column, as Value Selection requires domains.

I then fed the output variable of Value Selection into a basic Row Filter node.


Thank you for the help above.

I was just using the Value Selection node, but I could not find my column for the dropown list.
Then I tried to use the Domain Calculator, because my column had no domain information (no valued in the spec).
First I thought, that the Domain Calculator doesn’t work, but than I figured out that there is a little default value.
The Domain Calculator is usually limited to a maximum Number of 60 Unique Values (Restrict number of possible values). But I had more Values, so there was no calculation.

Unfortunately there was no hint on the system.

Hi there @steegg!

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You expected hint from Domain Calculator node or?


Hi Ipazin.

IMHO it would be fine to have an INFO at the Console.
So that you can see the reason, why it’s not calculated.



maybe it could be useful to report that some column values are discarded and the column’s meta information won’t support querying the possible values. This would indicate that you need to uncheck restrict option or increase the restriction…

I will check it and get back to you.


Hi Steegg,

Considering this is a configuration issue/matter and log level in Console is by default set to WARN (and this shouldn’t be classified as a one as it may lead to confusion) nothing will be done on this matter for now.