Filter sentences based on a specific word in a sentence


ik have a document and i only want to have the sentences out of the document that contain a specific word.

For example

There is a guy walking on the street. the street is long and grey and has white stripes in the middle. the guy crosses the road. His location is now on the left side of the road.

So my specific word i want to filter on is location, so i want to have the sentence:"His location is now on the left side of the road." . 

and i want to have multiple critrea like "location" to filter on..

anybody an idea



Hi Joost,

you could use the 'Sentence Extractor' node first. It extracts the sentences and returns them in a string column. Afterwards apply the "Row Filter" with the regular expression ^.*location.*  on the sentence column to filter the strings containing the substring 'location'. This works for different criteria of course.



For multiple criteria you can use "Rule-Engine" or the "Rule-based Row Filter/Splitter" (with/without Dictionary).


if i use multiple criteria with dictionary... is it also posible to display the criteria, in a diffrent cell than the sentence, behind the sentence that is filtered based on the critrea?



Hi Joost,

the matching criteria can not be shown in an additional column, in case you have multiple criterias and using the Rule-based Row Filter or Rule Engine node.

Cheers, Kilian

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